In order to maintain a safe environment and minimize parking issues, Columbus Grove has adopted very specific parking procedures.  It is extremely important that residents and guests fully understand the rules and regulations as they pertain to parking within the community.
Homeowners and or guests may not park on the street overnight—unless the Homeowner has obtained an approved Decal OR has been added to the “Safe List” by using the safe list process. Homeowners and guests who do not follow these guidelines will be subject to towing.
Please note that the Savannah sub-association has its own parking program. Safelisting with Columbus Grove will only allow you to park on Columbus Grove's streets. Silk Tree and Abelia belong to Savannah, and you will need to be safelisted with Savannah to park on their streets. For more information on this please contact Savannah's management at 949-330-6350.
Safe List
  • A resident in good standing may “safe list” their guest’s vehicle for overnight parking for up to 10 days, per calendar month.
  • You may call Patrol Masters directly to safe list a guest’s vehicle or you may do so online.

          Patrol Masters (877) 648-0602
  • If you are safelisting for the first time, you will need to provide Patrol Masters with an activation code that is unique to your address. To obtain this code, please contact the office at (949)726-0720 or email
  • Safe Listing is for Authorized Vehicles only. Unauthorized vehicles, such as commercial or recreational vehicles, may not be safelisted.
Extended Safe List (temporary street parking)
  • If additional safelist passes are needed, a resident must complete the Extended Safelist Application.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • The Parking Committee will review the application and decide upon approval or denial.
Decal (permanent street parking)
  • Decals are issued to those residents who have a valid need for additional parking and will not be issued to residents who are simply seeking to utilize their garage/driveway space for non-parking activities.
         Two Car Garage: Requires three vehicles before a Decal can be requested
         Two Car Garage w/ Driveway: Requires five vehicles before a Decal can be requested 
  • In addition to submitting the Decal Application residents must provide copies of all Drivers Licenses and all Vehicle Registrations listed on the application along with the $300 Decal fee plus the $25 Garage Inspection fee (Check only written to the Columbus Grove Association).
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • The Parking Committee will review the application and decide upon approval or denial.
Please be advised that Patrol Masters is hired to enforce parking/community regulations and should not be considered community/home security. To report suspicious behavior/theft please contact the police department. 
Please note storage of vehicles is not allowed within Columbus Grove. No AUTHORIZED VEHICLE with a PARKING DECAL shall regularly park on the street for more than 16 hours per day, 5 days per week, without the express written permission of the Association. PARKING DECALS are intended to permit parking by a resident that regularly drives the vehicle that is issued a permit and is not intended to permit vehicles to be stored on the streets and only moved occasionally (i.e. moved only once every 96 hours). Moving a vehicle a few feet or even across the street does not resolve a storage violation.  So long as the vehicles is within the community for 96 hours it is considered “stored”. In any event, even if a Parking decal is issued, the car may be towed if it is not routinely used.  In fact, simply moving the car is called out as inadequate to avoid towing.
The information above is only a summary of Columbus Grove's policies; for a more comprehensive understanding of the community's rules that pertain to parking, please read Section 5 of the Rules and Regulations.